2021 Holiday Update

To our Valued Customers,

Due to the industry wide shortage of chocolate and the inability to obtain certain ingredients, we will be removing some of the items from our selections until further notice.
FEAR NOT, this is not permanent. We will work hard to bring back all of our pieces as soon as possible. As we are living through some unprecedented times, we ask that you be understanding and have patients with our staff when shopping in our store, or ordering over the phone.
Although the holidays may look a little different, we assure you that we will still only make and sell the best handmade chocolate that we can.

Happy Holidays From,
Richey’s Chocolates and
The Westerman Family

Limited Quantities

Limiting Customers Inside Shop

Mask Preferred for Safety

Thank you very much for your continued patronage, which we really appreciate. We will continue to do our very best.

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